They said: Volvo Trucks will launch 4 brand new trucks all at once. And they're gonna make a tower out of them.


We said: ... Wow. But, what's the story here?

Together with the content agency Spoon, Volvo Trucks, Forsman and Bodenfors our creative director Tim Winter worked to bring to the public a behind the scenes film that helped emotionally connect the public with an epic story of human achievement.

The hero film is awesome, beautiful, epic and funny. But the preparation and team behind it's execution was another level. We wanted to emotionally connect Volvo Truck's public with a brand that dares to venture into the unknown and know how to handle it's s...t.




We knew that there would be doubt surrounding the stunt involving a CEO climbing on top of a 4 truck high tower.


Also to be fair, with today's CGI's wizards, Roger's face could have been wrapped around a 3D model and then comped in.

So we needed proof to quash these wayward thoughts and reveal that Roger's the man that can! 

(even if he's very scared of heights)


"We placed Roger at the centre of the story and never regretted jumping in his car as he arrived on set.


“Wow” he said nervously as he saw the beast up ahead. We just let the camera's roll.


It set the tone to the whole film.


Real and raw." 👌🏽


Let the cameras roll..


Social media is a great way to get an overview of how your project lands. Straight away you get a live reaction from the public itself. 

Erhan Balıkçı

"When i see volvo brand i said "it s not CGI trickery, lets see how they did." Volvo knows how to build trust."

Allaudin Raja

"Volvo always make impossible as possible"

Cristian Judele

"Nothing is" too much" for Volvo ! All is limitless! Congratulation Volvo!"


Volvo Trucks commercials are world-class :) as the truck, itself :)


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