Seaquelle design, produce and sell premium womens swim wear. Not only are their collections beautiful but they also come from the sea, literally. Their collections are made from reclaimed plastics; turned into a usable fabric called ECONYL.

Mission: Increase brand awareness, unique visitations to the site and visually bring alive their brand. 


Sofi and Frida Fahrman (part owners of Seaquelle) and Fanny (the selected model for the shoot) are all online heavy weights and an indication where to find our public and start a conversation. We wanted to make even the shoot itself an event, and a way to see the brand behind the scenes.

"We don't need to portray ourselves as saving the world. We want to celebrate nature and inspire others to appreciate it as much as we do"


We fell in love with this wording.


We stumbled across it on Seaquelle's instagram. We were mesmerised by it's simplicity and what it evoked.

It seemed to encompass perfectly the sentiment of this humble and eco-conscious brand. Return to the sea was Seaquelles voice, and it became the red thread through the content.


Communicate to the hearts of the public.

Create a dream they can feel. Tell a story with an engaging character. Put the product in the background. Let them truly feel the sea.


Just as important as the film was the usage of the material in forms of teasers and stories to link back to Seaquelle's website and create buzz in Seaquelle's social media channels ahead of the launch of their latest collection.




A film is more than just x minutes of communication, it's a bag of possibilities. Through team work with our client and honest conversations we were able to edit a library of material that can be used on multiple platforms for various purposes.

The story continues and we're looking forward to further collaboration with a brand that dreams big.

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