We got a phone call out of the blue (one of our previous jobs got noticed and names were mentioned). Can you help us promote our start-up Vinyl Factory?

Er... yes.

A chance to engage an audience with a product that is so rich in culture and craft.

What's the story?

What's the angle, why should Tony, Grind Core fan from Hong Kong buy into something in Sweden? 


Give aways, free vinyl or T-Shirts didn't feel right when what they were buying into was so clearly in demand and market-ready.


The decision was made to give more of the cake away than just freebees - sell part of the business. Let Tony be part of the team and own a percentage of the company.

So, who's in the Spin Road Gang anyway?

Well, we have award winning producers, known musicians (Mikkey Dee from Motorhead), big deal promoters, vinyl junkies and flat out dreamers.


When we met the team for the first time at the factory, we had a blast. It's great when you meet people so dedicated to what they do but haven't lost sight of the initial plan - friends doing cool things together.

It was this energy that we knew we had to capture in this video to help it fly.


The result is an intense diary-esque collage of phone footage, cinematic camera moves, found footage and off the cuff interviews. It was a huge assortment of material that we wittled down into teasers, infomercials and the main event.



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